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To contribute to the advancement of human life science, we would like to support the parties who are making effort in the field of research and development. 

Research life science products are indispensable in clinical diagnosis, manufacture of pharmaceuticals, treatment of diseases and nutrition. Chemists develop chemical substances that are used as tools by life scientists for drug development, such as identification of new drug targets, approaches to cure diseases, or improvement of existing therapies. Life scientists must be aware of the most recently developed tools to achieve the greatest impact in their field of research. Therefore, international bridges should be created between leading nations in life science and health to support the acceleration of R&D at domestic end-users

We are global marketing the novel and unique products and technologies developed by universities and bio-venture companies.

It is our philosophy to create the new social value through these activities.

Speed up innovations

Matching companies and organizations over the world to mediate technology

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Establishing the new social value by connecting new technologies

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Commercializing the novel technologies of public institutions

Father and son Ed & Hugo Koster founded Nippon Health Innovations Europe after maintaining a fruitful relationship with a Japanese partner in life science for over 5 years. In 2019, they discovered the huge potential of Japanese and Taiwanese research life science products in Europe. With Ed’s strong medical network and Hugo’s cross-cultural experience, Nippon Health Innovations Europe contributes to a more sustainable health economy.

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